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Nordic – Your expert source for race skis and race ski service!


Please don’t forget – we carry a full range of lower priced race skis as well as touring and sport skis!  Even metal-edge back country skis!

Remember to check for lower end race and touring gear.



  If you want only the best of the best, the top of the heap, the creme de la creme. This is your website.  This site is all about one thing. SPEED!  Skihut does carry A LOT more lower-end race skis, boots, bindings and poles than are shown here.  This site is all about top-end! To see what else we offer in Nordic please go to .


  Through efficiency. How is efficiency created?  Through experience. Experience compiled since 1955. Experience compiled by working with the best in the Nordic ski racing community.   We’ve been to countless flex clinics, demos, and gear seminars over the years. From right here in our store to the SIA (Ski Industry Association)showrooms of Las Vegas and Denver to the Fischer Ski factory in Reid, Austria. From the Swix factory in Lillehammer to the Nordic Worlds in Oslo. We’ve learned from the best.  We have close, direct relationships with our brands. If we don’t have the right ski, boot, or pole on-hand we can get it easily and quickly.


  We also work closely with our area high school and collegiate teams and coaches. As well as with our own Skihut race team. Feedback on race gear from these people is priceless to us as it helps us hone our skills.


  If you need to find a faster ski, or a better boot, or a lighter pole. Let us help you. We guarantee our choices. Just click the contact button above. Or, even better, stop in.


  Yes, Skihut does do package pricing on our highest-end Nordic skis, bindings, boots and poles. We also do special pricing for high school and collegiate skiers on all race gear.  Come in or call for specifics.  We mount every ski we sell and prep the base (this INCLUDES HOT-BOXING!!) of every high-end ski we sell for FREE!  AND – we give you free custom race ski straps!